Oil climbs

Oil climbs

Oil, with the fall of the U.S. supply climb

U.S. oil supply, after falling 3 times a year on top of breaking loss in the first quarter of oil climbed for three days.

Oil Futures, 7 weeks after performing the largest 2-day rally, gained up to 0.6 percent. 4:38 million barrels of stocks in U.S. Department of Energy announced that fall. After yesterday's vote in parliament today, Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou will face a vote more.

"Greece's state markets instilled a bit of optimism." director of Commodity Broking Services, said Jonathan Barratt, "Arlene approaching hurricane season, taking into account that, combined with inventory data will give us the real factor to consider." commented.

NYMEX crude oil barrel in electronic transactions teslimli August, an increase of up to 55 cents to $ 95.32, with a 13:20 time in Sydney in traded at $ 95.01. Of oil contracts increased to $ 94.77 yesterday, an increase of $ 1.88.

Oil prices jumped by 26 percent compared to a year. Oil rose more than 4 percent since June 23.

Unemployment in Germany fell in June

Unemployment in Germany fell in June
Europe's biggest economy, showed once again that the region is resistant to the debt crisis, unemployment in Germany 24 also declined in

Unemployment also declined in Germany in June, 24 declined in a row. The seasonally adjusted number of unemployed was 2.97 million decreased by 8 thousand people.

Bloomberg, economists expect the number of unemployed people was that 17 thousand will be reduced.

According to data from the Federal Labor Agency in Nuremberg 7 percent unemployment rate remained constant, the lowest level since the reunification of East and West Germany, pointed out.

Speeding up production and hiring of German companies, consumer demand is increasing. The country is also in the Eurozone economy continues to move up.

Işsizlil rates in Germany would continue to fall, yet never reached the lowest level, indicating that the Trinkhaus & Burkhardt AG HSBC economist Lothar Hessler, seyrettiğini said strong economic development.

On 10 June, the Bundesbank, Germany's economy predicted to grow 3.1 percent this year.

European stocks continue to output

European stocks continue to output

European stocks, optimism has continued to lead to Greece for

European stocks, speculation, depending on the way to Greece kurtulacağı fundamentally, the rise of the fourth day continued. Indicator index yesterday, the rapid rise of the month held the last three. Asian stocks and U.S. index Futures also moved upwards.

London Stock Exchange Group Plc, TMX Group Inc.. UBS AG, to withdraw their tenders and procurement target of the company, now might be gained 3.5 percent after release. Lloyds Banking Group Plc, up to 15,000 jobs by 2014, and in this way çıkaracağı 1.5 billion pounds (2.4 billion dollars) would save with the explanation of the premium was 6.4 percent.

Europe Stoxx 600 Index rose 0.3 percent, with the 08:35 London time at 270.49 points yesterday, the output and the austerity package after approval by parliament of Greece, 1.7% on March 21 showed the fastest rise since expanded even more. Index for the quarter, fell 2 percent in Greece concerns, reversed the rise of the last three quarters.

London Capital Group trader Jonathan Sudaria, "Greece's parliament to pass an austerity package, successful, traders put the risk-taking mode," he said, and "the approval of Parliament, and today only one of many obstacles to law enforcement of the law voted on yesterday. Traders now believe that far from the ground" commented.

15,000 job takes Lloyd Banking

15,000 job takes Lloyd Banking

Lloyd Banking, by removing the 1.5 billion pounds by 2014 will save 15,000 jobs

Lloyds Banking Group Plc, Britain's biggest mortgage bank, up to 15,000 jobs by 2014 by removing the 1.5 billion pounds (2.4 billion dollars) and announced that he would save.

After this explanation, the bank's shares rose 6.7 percent by 08:27 London time at rose 47.6 pliers.

Participants of Forex Who?

Participants of Forex Who?

Who is doing in forex trading?

Forex Market participants, individuals, commercial banks, brokerage firms, funds, central banks and treasury. In other words, investors of all sizes can trade the Forex Market. There is no need to begin investing thousands of dollars, the minimum deposit amount of the account means the account set by government investment can be admitted. In other words, low-income investor in people on the street that can easily take place in the market to an amount such as $ 100.

Age Limit Is there any other obstacle, or to participate?

You need to do forex trading for over 18 years old. Education derecenizinde no does not matter, do not need to be an economist or an expert, such as the stock market for investment yapablimek the first graduate of the school is not important olmanızında. Already before the start of investment in training seminars offered at no charge by brokerage houses, papers, electronic books and learn everything to the finest detail, 7 / 24 live with the counseling service will be offering help and support line. To be able to trade the Forex markets there is no claim of any professional group. You must be over 18 years old and you open the account on the payment of the minimum deposit is enough to take your place in the Forex Markets.

What is Forex Market?

What is Forex Market?
English "Foreing Exchange" is an abbreviation of an abbreviation formed. Other phrases commonly used in forex trading: FX Foreks'tir. Forex, the principles of mutual değişitirildiği currencies (currency swap) is a market that is traded. Forex is the world's most advanced and highest likitesi financial market. Parity exchange rates determined in this market all over the world.
Forex market, exchange of currencies of countries (buying / selling) can perform. Euro, Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen, covers about 70% of trading volume in these markets.

Currencies of the Maximum Swap
EUR / USD (Euro / US $)
GBP / USD (British Pound / US Dollar)
USD / JPY (U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen)
USD / CHF (U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc)
AUD / USD (Australian Dollar / U.S. Dollar)
USD / CAD (U.S. Dollar / Canadian Dollar)
NZD / USD (New Zealand Dollar / U.S. Dollar)
Forex Market, Operating Principles
Forex market - when the money changing market, the working principles in daily life can easily tell i.in currency exchange office goes to sell them at the office benzetebiliriz.Nasıl; pruning just like him, a real job with a number of facilities and advantages.
Forex Market Trading Hours
Forex markets you can trade 24 hours a day on weekdays. 24.oo Market on Sunday night and opens at and Friday will remain open continuously until 24.002a. This process yapabilrisiniz within hours as you want.
Who are the participants of the Forex market?
Central Banks and Commercial Banks
insurance Companies
institutional Investors
large Corporations
Hedge (protection) Funds
individual Investors

Forex and Tactics?

Forex and Tactics?
Forex exchange is a virtual office for some of the differences is needed. Certain currency pairs forex (foreign exchanges) of the market bought and sold. Transaction volume of $ 2-4 trillion in size. Forex stands for foreign exchange in English. The main participants in the market, banks and broker companies.

Possibilities of working in these markets:

* Your income is never restricted .. Traderin depends on the capability and knowledge of everything.
* It is difficult to categorize the job a little artistic profession, some mathematical, some instinct. Never here long and unnecessary meetings, no reports are given to patrons. Also do not have the business plan for the next week or month. Account status - that's the plan, and report it here.
* Working hours shall determine traders. The Forex market operates 24 hours a day 5 days a week. The activities of traders in financial markets may continue with other jobs.
* Everyone is equal in the market. There is no Torpilliler. Daily trading volumes in the size (1.5 to 3 trillion dollars) does not allow personal interventions. The market operates according to objective laws. Understand these rules and use the key to success.
* The results are obvious. Within a short time if there is the appropriate person in this job.
* A good trader never live problem of finding a job. A good trader who searched for every financial institution employee. There are people who specialize in this area and will be always in need.
* Financial instruments are many and varied. This is a part of the world who knows about the other person can easily learn all the time. Financial instruments not only receive shares in exchange trading, and selling ends. This means that import-export, or by companies that use credit to hedge against price and currency exchange are also used for.


Financial problems for human beings has always current. An old question: "It takes courage to win the money, the money to protect requires intelligent act, the money is to replicate a science." der.

Financial market operations conducted in the world, is the most winning heskesçe known legitimate business. "Forbes" magazine, according to the capital in these markets have gained 24% of world billionaires.

The Forex market is the most preferred sitting on the functioning and reliability, and attracting the most investment in the financial markets. Compared to other financial market, Forex market has many indisputable advantages:

* Accessibility - do not need to overcome bureaucratic obstacles to trade before.
* Revenue - the largest revenue in the financial markets can bring legal action.
* Control - investors from all over the world, capital can control the clock, and may trade.
* Liquid markets - where there is no need to consider how the goods will be sold. Size of the market makes it easy to always find a buyer or seller. The world's most liquid instruments traded instruments.

Events in the world, the explanations can be serious revenue. A few examples:

6 September 2002, news agencies in the U.S. unemployment rate to 5.9% from 5.7% to USD appreciation has resulted in decreased release. Euro, 0.9930 against the dollar, within an hour from the 0.9830 'a fallen.
Swiss franc (CHF), 1.4690 against the dollar over the same period of time 'from 1.4850 to 1.4925 in overnight and came up increased.

What's behind these numbers? EUR / USD is a lot of sales (investment 1000 USD) 800-1000 an income, such as USD, just over an hour. USD / CHF pair brought to 2.5 times the operations in the capital.

Publication time of this data and news on a specified date and shall be held at any time previously. So when you made a conscious process of capital in the short time players in this price a few times removed. The market allows it.

The development of communication tools in the world is no longer anyone who wants to easily reach the world's financial markets. Persons capital, using financial tools to manage, not only banks, big financial companies and brokers is not a privilege.

TeleTRADE Turkey office facilities such offers informational seminars. Our office is constantly organizing seminars. All kinds of information available from our offices on the markets. TeleTRADE brokers dealing in the financial markets in many countries, also gives service. TeleTRADE the premise that the MetaTrader trading platform has the right to free distribution. All offices of education with the aim of this program are not broker service is used. Anyone who wants to download and use Metatrader for free at this link.

There are a lot of demos in the Forex brokerage can train yourself to turn one of them. But there is one thing to keep in mind the demo account is greater than the volume of sanalparanızın both demos and some games can be rotated a few differences between the actual accounts.

$ 50 lada start forex sites available. Forex is more suited to be played for at least 2 or 5000 dollars. But at first, everyone kaybettiğinide forexte Considering what you are willing to lose $ 100 as the amount invested and the actual account, you can try yourself bi.